OTOTEK Smart Energy Solutions

Smart Driver of New Automotive Technology

OTO technology provides the most efficient power transfer solutions for state-of-the-art magnetic generators. With low loss switching control, high power output capability and low operating temperature make reliability, robustness and cost-efficiency in product design. Optimized design for automotive permanent generator to keep high current output even at idle speed, to prevent battery from charging shortage when heavy load. Ultimate rectifier control for alternator generator makes the best energy transfer, enormous CO2 reduction and coolest operation temperature in the world.

Ultimate Motorcycle/cars Rectifier Regulator Solutions

OTO - the Automotive Generator Expert

For a better ECO life in this promising world, Energy should be used preciously and efficiently.

Most electric and electronic products operate in DC power source which transferred from AC power source. Better AC to DC transferring technology could save the energy, save the cost, and save the environment.

OTO Technology have being familiar with automotive power rectification and regulation for more than 20 years. Now is the show time for new era of high power energy transformation!

OTO motorcycle Rectifier Regulator Benefits: